China’s largest design award goes to Hello Ruby founder Linda Liukas

/17 May/

Pioneer of kid's coding, Hello Ruby, has won the Design Intelligence Award worth 130,000 euros, chosen among 2700 entries.

Promoter of kids’ coding Linda Liukas has won the first prize in the biggest design competition in China. The Design Intelligence Award's DIA Gold was given to Liukas’s Hello Ruby, a series of programming books and educational philosophy for children.

Design Intelligence Award is international award for industrial design. It aims to redefine the standards of contemporary design and promote the actualization of future innovation.

The award is worth 130,000 euros and presumably the most valuable design prize ever won by a Finn. Hello Ruby was selected as the winner among 2,700 entries to the competition. The China Academy of Art has awarded design intelligence since 2015. 

“Winning this competition is absolutely fabulous,” says Liukas in New York.

She was caught completely by surprise, particularly because Hello Ruby does not represent classic industrial design previously awarded by the Academy.


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