Short term network funding by Nordic-Baltic Mobility programme

/29 August/

Short term network funding is available through Nordic-Baltic Mobility programme. Applications are open until 28 September 2017. The funding covers travel, networking and residential visits.

Available to networks planning to work together for up to 1 year. The maximum amount is €20,000; the maximum proportion of the total budget funded by Nordic Culture Point is 70%. Networks that receive short-term funding may apply for long-term funding later on.

What activities are funded?

Funding for networking is designed to give people involved in the cultural sphere the opportunity to develop partnerships and learn from each other. The purpose of the networks is to generate more contacts, create ways to exchange experiences and pass on knowledge. The networks must help to generate synergies, e.g. on artistic, organisational and communications levels.

The networking activities may include a series of joint meetings, conferences, workshops, staff exchanges, joint training, etc. This might include activities such as pooling resources and skills in order to develop initiatives that influence public opinion or to work together on scheduling and structuring tours, etc.

Applications are not accepted for funding to establish permanent structures and networks. The funding is not intended for actual cultural and artistic productions or individual events, but rather for the sharing of ideas and knowledge over a particular period of time. The long-term goal of the network may be a joint production or similar initiative; or it may be to establish a platform that will later apply for funding, for example from the EU or other international funding bodies.

Who can apply?

Professional artists and others actively involved in arts and culture (e.g. curators, producers, literary translators, cultural editors and researchers) in all cultural and artistic genres:

- Individuals

- Groups

- Organisations and institutions

Individuals who submit applications must be residents of the Nordic Region or the Baltic states but do not need to be Nordic or Baltic nationals. Groups, organisations and institutions that apply must be based in the Nordic Region or the Baltic states.
A professional is defined as someone who has documented experience of working in the field of the arts and culture and/or has been trained in the arts or culture.

The network must consist of partners from:
at least three Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden) or Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Åland or
at least three Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) or
a combination of at least three partners from the Nordic countries, Greenland, Faroe Islands and Åland or the Baltic states.
Deviations from this principle are acceptable in the event of important cultural-political imperatives.In addition to the above, networks may also include other partners who are not active in the Nordic Region and the Baltic states.

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