Stories From The Eastern West

/5 September/

Stories From The Eastern West is a new show that reveals hidden history from Central and Eastern Europe. Intertwining in-depth interviews, rich sound design and original music to build compelling narrative stories, the podcast is the start of a new chapter for

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Why 'Stories From The Eastern West'?

Stories From The Eastern West has one objective: to tell people around the globe about Central and Eastern Europe – a fascinating region, with a rich and diverse history – not a monolith, which speaks one language and shares one culture. It is so much more...

‘Unlike most podcasts about geographical regions, SFTEW concentrates on building a rich auditory experience rather than providing straight-forward interviews or monologues,’ says Adam Żuławski, head of the project. ‘That means it has the power to draw the most casual listeners into its world. For people with no prior knowledge or even the most distant Eastern European ancestors, we hope it’ll be the most entertaining way for them to discover the region and their roots.'

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Built upon a careful selection of knowledgeable guests, creative sound design and high-fidelity audio, the show will certainly grab your attention, probably make you laugh, but most importantly make you understand this part of the world better – and see how it relates to you.

'Some of the stories might seem familiar to regular readers of,' adds Żuławski, 'but they've never heard them being told quite like this before!'


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