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Funding, financing and supporting structures for cultural and creative industries

The main focus of the NDPC is on cultural and creative industries in the Northern Dimension area, to empower their cross border cooperation, exchange of knowledge and best practices, networking and development of larger markets for culture and knowledge based products and services in the whole ND area.

All NDPC member countries have national and regional funding schemes for culture and the arts. Besides these public funding schemes for artistic creation the member countries also have private foundations that support culture and art projects with grants.

For many practitioners in the field of culture the words funding and financing are understood as synonyms, but there are differences. Funding is grants while financing mean loans.

Funding is often offered as grants for a specific project and after the project is completed must a report has to be submitted to the provider. Most funding schemes allow only non-profit projects and any profit should be paid back. Financing is providing the operator with finances/resources (loans, venture capital etc) for the development of projects, products and services with the goal to develop profitable activities. One of the main concerns in Europe is to advocate for cultural and creative industries’ possibilities to get access to financing and thus be able to develop enterprises and work on long term perspectives. The NDPC s goal is to support this development in Northern Europe.

When it comes to supporting the culture based creative industries enterprises, the NDPC member countries have various divisions of labor in funding and financing for organizations and enterprises in culture, media and innovation. In some countries the Ministry of Business/Enterprises/Innovation/etc offers funding/financing/loan schemes for creative and cultural industries, start-ups and enterprises. Therefore it is worthwhile to have a look not only at the traditional cultural support systems under the Ministry for Culture, but also at the support schemes in other ministries and agencies for innovation, technology, tourism which often offer funding for start-ups, product development, market research and internationalization.

NDPC promotes cultural and creative industries in the Northern Dimension area and their international cooperation. Therefore the list below does not have links to national funding schemes for culture and arts. Instead the list focuses on national supporting networks and agencies and some regional and international supporting schemes for cultural and creative industries. The list is by no means complete, but gives an idea about the various sources available for cultural and creative industries.

Please, help us make the list of sources in NDPC area as comprehensive as possible and send info on further sources to the NDPC Secretariat, and we will include it in the list.

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