Financing and Support

We help connect project owners with national and regional funding schemes that are available in every NDPC member state. In addition to these public funding schemes, member countries also have private foundations that provide grants to support culture and art projects. The NDPC itself does not offer funds directly to individual CCI projects; instead, we provide knowledge-based support for the owners of cultural and creative-industry projects to create a suitable financing model. We support and co-finance the NDPC’s priority projects from our member countries.  

Depending on the country in question, support schemes can be found in various government institutions. Culture ministries are traditionally the first choice, but other ministries and agencies involved in innovation, technology or tourism often offer funding for start-ups, product development, market research and internationalisation. 

Providing access to funding or financing and building cultural and creative industries into sustainable businesses is a focal points for European policy makers. The NDPC supports this development in the wider Baltic Sea region.

The NDPC promotes cultural and creative industries in the area of the Northern Dimension, as well as international cooperation in these industries. Therefore, we mostly focus on national support networks, agencies and certain regional and international support schemes. 

Lists of organisations that provide financing are not complete and are being updated. To help us make the list of financing sources in the Nordic area as comprehensive as possible, please send information about any further sources to the NDPC Secretariat at