Steering Committee

The NDPC Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is focusing on the development of the conditions for cultural and creative industries in the NDPC member countries and in EU. Specific attention is given to the fact that cultural and creative industries defy the traditional division into administrative sectors and call upon a cross- sectorial cooperation both on a national and an international level as they involve various sectors and thus depend on the policy development in education, innovation, enterprise and business, trade, employment, social security, funding and financing, copy right and other legal affairs.

The NDPC has a Steering Committee with national representatives for the countries in the NDPC area. The contacts can be found here.

The Northern Dimension (ND) countries have various national development programs and policies and one important issue for the NDPC is to make the ND countries aware of the development in other ND countries in order to avoid policies that could obstruct multilateral cooperation for the cultural and creative industries.

NDPC is the newest Partnerships in the Northern Dimension cooperation.