4 Artists Share Tips for Using Instagram to Grow Your Art Practice

If used wisely, social media has the power to create community, provide a kick of inspiration, and help us visualize what we find important. But for artists who want to gain visibility or grow a following on social media, using such apps and online platforms can quickly become a source of frustration and isolation. To help, we spoke with four artists and one social media expert about how artists can use their social media habits to strengthen their art practices.

Use Instagram for more than just posting images

All of the artists noted that Instagram was either the only social media platform they use or the one they turn to the most. For illustrators, designers, and contemporary artists alike, Instagram is a visual playground for publishing images of artwork, connecting with other artists, and mining inspirational fodder for art.

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Alexa Meade, Alli Harvard Gets Pink Outlines. Photo by Jenna Carlie. Courtesy of the artist.