Arctic Arts Summit 2019

Arctic Arts Summit 2019 - The Arctic as a Laboratory for sustainable art and cultural policy will be held on 3 - 5 June 2019, in Rovaniemi, Finland.

The Arctic region is changing rapidly. On the one hand, ecological, cultural, social and economical changes pose challenges for well-being and sustainable development and on the other hand, some of the changes also create new possibilities. In the Arctic Arts Summit 2019 the challenges and circumstances in the Arctic are seen as 'laboratory' in which sustainable art and cultural policy is developed in collaboration with all of the Arctic counties. Artists and representatives of art and cultural policy will discuss the theme and promote circumpolar collaboration. The event will be the second Arctic Art Summit: the first one was arranged in Harstad, Norway, in 2017.

Artists and other actors of art and cultural sector and policy will attend from all of the countries that are members of the Arctic Council: Canada, the Kingdom of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, the Russian Federation, Sweden and the United States. In addition, participants from countries that show interest towards the Arctic matters are invited: representatives of China, Japan and Scotland. International journalists are also invited.

The key aim of the Arctic Arts Summit 2019 is to support art and cultural sectors in the circumpolar collaboration. We need to recognize, develop and promote sustainable and responsible models of action, long term planning, infrastructure in the creative field and cooperation in education. The indigenous art and cultural policy as well as interdisciplinary research on the impact of the art and culture are essential themes of the summit.

When planning your travel to Summit please notice the possibilities for visting other academic and cultural events too. The Cumulus conference “Around the Campfire - Resilience and Intelligence" on 27 May - 1 June 2019 invites you to discuss the themes of resilience and intelligence. Just after the Summit, The Silence Festival gathers the most interesting performances and artists from the fields of contemporary circus and music to Kaukonen village (6 June - 9 June). The Midnight Sun Film Festival is an annual five-day film festival in Sodankylä (12 June -16 June).

Arctic Arts Summit 2019 is organized by the University of Lapland and NDPC's close cooperation partner Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

NDPC's Steering Committee meeting will be held in the framework of the Summit on 3 June when such important matters as shaping Partnership's future perspectives, including social well-being and environment will be discussed. Another essential meeting agenda item will be on preparing the draft of the NDPC's Culture Forum which will take place in Saint Petersburg on 12 - 13 November, 2019.

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Timo Jokela, University of Lapland,

Tomi Aho, Arts Promotion Centre Finland – The Regional Office of Rovaniemi / Lapland,

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