ARS BALTICA Creative Dialogue on 13/11 in Latvia

Empowering lasting cultural exchange grounded in shared local perspectives

The Baltic Sea Region is home to a large number of diverse, exciting and challenging cultural and creative initiatives. They are diverse in the sense, that they reflect our modern, international and culturally manifold societies. Exciting in terms of the potential to engage participants, to fascinate them with interesting new perspectives and challenging in the sense, that they constantly want to move forward, challenge established value systems and make progress towards a more equal, tolerant and conscious world we live in. It’s also in the hands of cultural and creative leaders to take responsibility and deal with issues, that otherwise might remain unheard of in our modern and dynamic societies.

ARS BALTICA in cooperation with Cult-CreaTE project invites to attend ABCD workshop:

Date: 13th November, 2019, 10:00

Venue: National Botanical Garden of Latvia Miera iela 1, Salaspils, LV-2169, Latvia


09:30 -10:00 Registration

10:00-10:30 Martiņš Eņģelis

10:30- 12:30 1st part Workshop (with coffee breaks)

12:30-13:00 Lunch

13:00- 15:00 2nd part Workshop (with coffee breaks)

15:00 -15:30 Discussion on how can we improve policy instruments within Cult-CreaTE project with CCT based on CCIs in the Action Plan of Vidzeme

16:00 Excursion in Daugava museum with Aivars Siliņš (

Please register your participation, it is essential:


Community building in challenging times

Community building is about trashing the comfort of playing with your peers and selling only your successes. In an age where transformation is the name, but status quo is often the game, there is a strong need to improve the impact of common action. What does the map of your actions look like, and how do you bring others in there with you? Build a community that surprises you, challenges you, and carries you further.

Culture as a driving force for Sustainability

In the Baltic 2030 SDG Report, 7 avenues are drawn for the region to improve its sustainable impact. At least three of these depend highly on cultural interventions. Common understanding, collaboration, motivating youth. But maybe the real challenge for culture is to take the goals and become more than human, more than culture, more than good enough. Culture is where ‘the goals’ can finally feel real.

• Learn about Community building tools

• Connecting the SDGs to your everyday cultural practice

• Being part of a growing Cultural Network

• Cross - cutting solutions between Cultural Creative Industries and tourism

• How to deploy cultural creative industries into cultural creative tourism


As cultural initiative for international co-operation between cultural practitioners from across the Baltic Sea Region ARS BALTICA facilitates and encourages exchange with the aim to emphasize the importance of culture for our modern societies. Advocating for the significance of arts and culture on the political level and promoting the cultural life around the Baltic Sea is the overarching aim. The platform has tree main action fields:

> EXCHANGE: Bringing cultural practitioners and stakeholders from the region together

> EXPERTISE: Providing cultural practitioners from the Baltic Sea Region with expertise

> OUTREACH: provide on- and offline visibility for the indipendent BSR cultural scene

Oleg Koefoed

PhD, action-philosopher. Founder in 2016 of Growing Pathways, agency for human-nature relations. Co-creator of new collaboration formats for urban nature and urban farming in Copenhagen, since 2016. Co-founder in 2006 of Cultura21, international network for cultures of sustainability. Facilitator, project designer, network builder, and community engaging agent. Directs sessions for cultural community facilitators in European cities, explores how the SDG’s can sustain nordic copyright associations, maps urban cultural ecologies with Copenhagen Business School. Contributed to the Nordic Council of Ministers’ strategy for sustainable culture 2013-20. Taught social and sustainable entrepreneurship to asylum seekers for the Red Cross, and co-founded the SDG Leadership and Action University with Danish think tanks and municipalities.

Marcus Hagemann

As a cultural ambassador, passionate cellist and cultural manager always believing in the transformative power of music, arts and creativity, Marcus has founded, curated and directed many projects, festivals and formats of international cultural dialogue. 2002-2009 he was Artistic Director and Co-Director of the Festival Cully Classique on Lake Geneva. 2009-2014 he was Artistic and Managing Director of Nordlichter Biennale Berlin before he joined the International Cultural Initiative and Network ARS BALTICA. 2012-14 he was invited to curate the Borusan New Series in collaboration with the Borusan Foundation in Istanbul. In 2014 he was founding member of the association CRAZY4CUTURE to promote and support cultural sustainability. Born in Donaueschingen, raised on beautiful Lake Constance with intermediate stops in Cincinnati, Hamburg and London, he now is based in Berlin.

Martiņš Enģelis

The leading expert of Tourism Department at Latvian Investment and Development Agency, always looking for innovative and creative solutions, initiator and organizer of several events with a focus to future tendencies. Martins has run and organized excursion industry. His views and observations as travel professional he publishes in his blog Capital R. This summer Martiņš was leading creative missions RADI! To Latvian provincial towns in order to creative new approaches deploying creative industries to tourism.

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