Bootcamps help Baltic Sea Region start-ups to prepare for The Creative Business Cup Global Finals

In 2014, Invio partner Creative Business Cup carried out a BSR Innovation Express project, which has had far-reaching implications for the Baltic Sea Region collaboration on start-ups within the creative industries. The project has spurred a string of supportive initiatives leading to the annual global Creative Business Cup. This article gives an overview of the fascinating story seen through the eyes of key stakeholder Eva Leemet of Creative Estonia. 





An idea becomes reality

The biggest global creative entrepreneurship competition Creative Business Cup provides the participants with a number of benefits – workshops, meetups with investors and great new contacts with fellow entrepreneurs, customers and future partners. The competition has seeded extremely fast on global level during the few past years, raising the entry standards for the participants. An idea arose to create an initiative that would prepare the participating startups as best as possible for the competition.

Creative Estonia started organising BootCamps as a pilot project in 2014. Creating a common BSR development platform – The Creative Business Cup Experience Bootcamp for growing entrepreneurs and SME’s in the BSR area. The project was supported by BSR Innovation Express through Invio – Innovation Network of the Experience Economy. 

The main goal was to have a regional Boot Camp for target group SMEs and entrepreneurs and business developers. Match making, innovation and internationalization was the focus for the initiative. The BootCamp was organised as a preliminary event for start-ups, before the Creative Business Cup finals in Copenhagen. After the first years of attending the global Creative Business Cup competition, we understood that our creative start-ups needed some training before facing the jury on the big stage. 

The idea was welcomed by our partners in Latvia, Lithuania and Denmark, and the first ever Creative Business Cup BootCamp took place in Tallinn in October 2014. The local finalists of three Baltic countries and Denmark had the chance to polish their skills for three days under the supervision of the best mentors from Estonia, Latvia and Denmark.