Commission's proposed budget 2021-2027 emphasises the role of culture and education in Europe

On 2 May, the European Commission proposed a pragmatic, modern, long-term budget for the 2021-2027 period in its Communication "A Modern Budget for a Union that Protects, Empowers and Defends". The Creative Europe programme has a budget increase from 1.4 billion euros (2014-2020) to 1.85 billion euros (2021-2027). The Commission wants to place a strong emphasis on support for culture and the audiovisual sector, including a strong MEDIA strand with reinforced funding to support the European creative and audiovisual industry. Under the new budget, this breaks down into 650 million euros for Culture and 1.2 billion euros for MEDIA.

The Commission is proposing a new, modern long-term budget, tightly geared to the political priorities of the Union at 27. The proposed budget combines new instruments with modernised programmes to deliver efficiently on the Union’s priorities and to rise to new challenges. The proposals also show how the financing of the budget could be simplified and reformed to forge a stronger link with the political priorities. These proposals are designed to make a unique impact in building a prosperous, secure and cohesive Europe. They do so by focusing on the areas where the Union is best placed to deliver.
In each area, the Commission proposes the level of funding that will be needed to live up to our collective ambitions. The legal proposals for the individual future financial programmes will follow in the coming weeks.

The proposals also respond in a realistic and balanced way to the budgetary consequences of the withdrawal of the United Kingdom. The departure of an important contributor to the EU budget will have a financial impact and the future Financial Framework must take account of that. Maintaining a level of support that matches our ambitions across the priority areas will require additional contributions from all Member States in a fair and balanced way. In parallel, no effort must be spared to make the EU budget more efficient. The Commission is proposing savings in some of the main spending areas and reforms across the budget to make it more streamlined and to get the most from every euro.