Composers and songwriters earn record sum in Estonia in 2017

The Estonian Authors' Society (EAÜ) reports a new record in royalties collected last year at more than €6 million. Though the society also collects royalties going to foreign artists, Estonian composers and songwriters last year made more money than ever before as well.

The society collected a total of almost €6.28 million last year, up from €5.99 million in 2016. €742,000 were collected in royalties for public performances, which is also higher than the previous year's revenue of €689,000.

11 composers and songwriters earned more than €20,000 and an average of €31,065. According to EAÜ's president, Kalev Rattus, these 11 include classical composers as well as authors of popular music.

"This shows that we've done our job well. Our people, who collected royalties from bars, cafes, and restaurants, have done better work and paid better attention, so revenue from royalties has improved," Rattus said.

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