Could Work Based Learning in CCI’s be a supporting tool in the development of creative initiatives in Poland?

The share of the cultural and creative sectors in the Polish economy is constantly growing, but these sectors are dominated by freelancers and micro-enterprises. In 2016 there were as many as 98.7% micro-firms included in the CCI sector in Poland. Their financial, organizational and human capital are limited. According to the 2017 survey conducted by the Institute for Structural Research (IBS), the value added generated by the cultural and creative sectors in Poland in the year 2015 amounted to 30 billion PLN. The share of the cultural and creative sectors in value added of the entire Polish economy was 1.9%, and the share in the gross domestic product 1.7%. The Polish cultural and creative sectors are very diverse, and their further dynamic development depends on the elimination of developmental barriers and the introduction of instruments that will improve the competitiveness of the Polish creative industries in foreign markets. On a global perspective, according to the experts from the Spanish Instituto de Empresa (one of the most renowned centres of business research and education in the world), creative sectors currently create 6.1% of global GDP (in particular countries it generates 2–7 % GDP). This is equal to 4.3 trillion dollars, while the export of related goods and services is worth 646 billion dollars, in which the share of developed countries is 82%..

Text by Anna Ohman

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