Design thinking toolkit to develop business ideas

Design thinking is a creative and collaborative way to come up with solutions to solve problems, develop products and services, as well as improve processes by stepping into the shoes of users and co-creating together with them instead of for them.

The toolkit “Design Thinking for Developing Your Business Ideas” offers simple tools to use on the go and try out and test ideas rapidly without major time and resource investment. Methods provided in this toolkit can be used when trying out business ideas and thinking of starting one's own venture.

The toolkit for business idea development using design thinking was developed by the Young Entrepreneurs Centre from Latvia and partners from Estonia and Spain within the Erasmus+ strategic partnership project “Youth BIZ Skillset” implemented starting from September 2017 till February 2019. The objective of the project was to facilitate development of business mind–set and skills among young people by creating methodological tools and training young people and youth workers.