Even minimal creative activity boosts wellbeing, research finds

A study of 50,000 people found that regardless of skill level, taking part in activities like painting, pottery or music helps people manage their emotions, build confidence and explore solutions to problems.

Even a brief amount of time spent on a creative pastime has powerful benefits for personal wellbeing, according to new research commissioned by BBC Arts.

An online survey of almost 50,000 people across the UK found that taking part in creative activities helps people manage stress, face up to challenges and explore solutions to problems in their lives.

Embracing challenges

Participants in the Great British Creativity Test, produced in partnership with University College London (UCL), were asked about which creative activities they took part in, including options in performing arts and music, visual arts, literature, and digital arts such as photography.

The survey also asked whether taking part in these activities helped people manage their emotions.

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