Hordaland kunstsenter announces its first Summer Academy

Hordaland kunstsenter has announced its first Summer Academy, taking place on 8 - 13 August 2019 in Norway.

With: Elise Carron (FR) Ina Hagen (NO) The Entangled Reader (NL/AU)

Deadline for applications is 16 June!

Spread out over six days, the Summer Academy includes a series of three workshops hosted by an international selection of tutors. In this first edition of the Summer Academy, the focus throughout will be the dynamics of a group as a way of being, working and generating knowledge together. In addition to the workshops, the Summer Academy will include presentations and events on selected evenings, which are free and open to the public.

The Summer Academy will be held in two locations: Hordaland kunstsenter, located in a historic school building in the city center of Bergen, as well as in a functionalist villa at The Nordic Artists' Centre in Dale, a few hours outside the city.

Participation in the Summer Academy is open to anyone motivated and interested in contemporary practices and alternative forms of learning. Not limited to students or artists exclusively, we aim for a group of ten participants gathered for their curiosity, their diversity and engagement to shape this learning experience collectively.

Participation in the Summer Academy is free of charge. If necessary, participant will receive a small stipend to cover their travel and accommodation costs.

— 10 participants will be accepted

— applicants will be notified by June 22, 2019

— applicants will be accepted based on the submitted statement and motivation

Due to the international mix of tutors and participants, the Summer Academy is conducted in English.

Any questions in relation to the Summer Academy can be sent to Mathijs van Geest: mathijs@kunstsenter.no.


More information can be found here.