NDPC grants support to three regional projects

NDPC Steering Committee in its meeting on May 29 in Riga granted support to three projects that NDPC believes add value to regional cooperation in the field of culture and creative industries.

First of the projects supported is Refinery from the Art Promotion Centre Finland which aims to promote business opportunities in the field of cultural tourism. The project will enhance collaboration between the tourism and creative industries within the Northern Dimension area and create authentic and sustainable cultural tourism products, ideas and services to each participating region. During the project professionals from the tourism and creative industries sectors will be brought together in service design workshops to learn from each other and create new products. The project is open for participants from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Lithuania and Germany. Also partners from Latvia, Poland and Germany are welcome to join. The project is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland and is a key contribution to project activities during the year of Finland’s Chairmanship of NDPC.

Another project to which the support was granted is Creative Business Cup (CBC) Baltic Sea Region (BSR) organized by the Ministry of Culture of Latvia and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia from 30 August to 2 September 2018. This is a new initiative bringing together the 10 Baltic Sea region countries, best creative startups and national CBC hosts for a common event motivating networking and experience exchange between creative entrepreneurs. There are three main activities planned at this project/event: CBC BSR bootcamp and experience exchange for creative startups, competition for the CBC BSR national winners and gathering of CBC National Partners from BSR.

The third project supported is the Creativity week radi!2018 organized by the Ministry of Culture of Latvia – a package of seven evens in the regions of Latvia with the target to address specific challenges facing the region, including creative community building, creative quarter forming, smart city solutions development and scaling up regional cooperation, involving end users and representatives from different sectors and applying design thinking methodology. In August participants from regional events and idea owners will be invited to a bigger event in Riga devoted to design thinking and how to bring their ideas forward in the regions. At the end of August “iNOVUSS” business festival takes place and during that also the radi!2018 final event will occur as the regional participants will have a chance to share their journey through radi!2018 and their idea development.

More information: ilze@norden.lv