Open call to MAAJAAM residency, Estonia

MAAJAAM is seeking proposals for a 10-day production residency aimed towards an exhibition/festival (festibition). The works are to be installed/performed in the landscape spread out around MAAJAAM.

DEADLINE  15 January 2018

We are looking for:

  • site-sensitive installations
  • interventions
  • performances
  • workshops
  • other process-based projects

Proposals for works which have a time dimension and/or encourage active participation are preferred. It doesn’t mean we prefer performances, rather that we’d like to think of proposed works as events (based on interactivity, process, duration etc).

The projects should be fairly developed in order to finish them within the time constraints we have on location, but open enough to fit into the environment around MAAJAAM.

The opening event is on 21st of July. The audience can come by car or by organised buses from Tallinn and Riga.

The aim of the residency is to explore the idea of digital natives and digital immigrants. At the present time, people are more connected to each other by technology than by physical space. Technological tools have become our prosthesis, that help us reach out on global level. Subsequent generations awaken into new technological normalities being disjunct to the realities of their predecessors. Compared to their forefathers, the digital immigrants, who were expected to adapt in a fast-evolving society powered by technology and steered by global markets, their sense of reality has transformed.

The residency is located at MAAJAAM, an old farmhouse in Southern Estonia that blends together the two realities of digital immigrants and natives. Created to encourage experimentations with technological realities, the residency gives space to contemplate, question and explore aspects of technological society; its influence on our behaviour, perception and thinking as well as on our surrounding environments.