PÖFF unveils the first seven films in the First Feature Competition

PÖFF has unveiled the first seven films to be participate in the First Feature Competition programme, reaching its fourth edition. Seeking emerging new artistic voices, the First Feature Competition introduces bold, up and coming filmmekers who's next film you'll be dying to see.

The films will be evaluated by an interanational jury made up of renowned film industry representatives and will be announced at the end of October. They will hand out three awards: Best Film and two Special Jury Prizes appointed to two films the jury decides to highlight for outstanding artistic achievements in a particular field.

Past winners of the First Feature Competition’s Best Film award winners are Thousand Kinds of Rain (director Isabel Prahl, 2017, Germany), Duet (director Navid Danesh, 2016, Iran) and Delivery (director Martin Meija Rugeles, 2015, Colombia).

The full programme of the First Feature Competition will be announced on the 25th of October.

The announced selection includes five films from Europe with the Lithuania-Finland co-production Sasha Was Here, directed by Ernestas Jankauskas, having its world premiere at the festival. Set during the span of one day, the story tells about a young couple spending time with a potential adoption child under circumstances they did not anticipate, putting their relationship and perceived values of parenthood and family to the test. This is first time Lithuania is represented in this programme. 

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