Post-Fossil Transition (HIAP & Mustarinda)

A rapid transition from the infrastructure and cultural practices reliant on fossil energy sources towards post-fossil solutions is essential in order to slow down climate change and reach the goals of The Paris Agreement. The post-fossil transition is a major cultural paradigm shift cutting through all spheres of life.

The 3-year (2018-2020) collaborative project of Mustarinda and HIAP is a platform for mapping out interests and concerns together, forming alliances, creating a toolbox for a better future and finding ways to share the post-fossil practices and putting them into action on a daily basis. The goal is to lower greenhouse gas emissions caused by the artist residencies and to explore the challenges related to renewable energy sources within the activities of cultural organizations. The project challenges Finnish and international art institutions to prepare for the post-fossil future. The focus of the project is on the themes of Transport, Energy and Food, which play a major role in the transition.

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