Refinery Xtra Storification Workshop in Helsinki

Refinery project has announced its workshop on storification to be held on the 8th of November 2019 in Helsinki. The Story Workshop will use the StoryTree-method developed by Story Designer Anne Kalliomäki. StoryTree is a simple approach to discovering the essence and the core of a company. The method helps to define the unique story elements of the experience we offer. What is the story line that will merge the customer experience into one common theme? A theme, which will grow into a full story and keep sprouting new shoots in the all services we provide.

The workshop will be led by Anne Kalliomäki, Story Designer from Finlanf. Her company Tarinakone is a Finnish story design agency founded in 2008. Story designer and trainer Anne has a extensive and versatile experience in story driven service design, storification. She is the pioneer of storification in Finland. Story driven design process uses narrative structures to tie together the various elements of a service. Stories create emotions, and emotions yield results. Anne's Finnish language book on storification (Tarinallistaminen) published in 2014 received the Silver Award from the Finnish Association of Marketing, Technology and Creativity (MTL) in the Best Book on Communication and Marketing category in Finland 2015.

This workshop is part of the Refinery project.

See the programme of the workshop.

Refinery enhances the collaboration between the tourism and creative industries within the Barents and Baltic Sea regions in order to create sustainable cultural tourism products and services to the area. Entrepreneurs from the tourism field, tour operators and developers of the Northern Dimension Partnership area, as well as artists and creative professionals who have an interest in creating services for tourists have been invited to join moderated service design workshops.