Shaping a European Capital of Culture, Wroclaw,Oct 8-10

Representatives from various cities in Europe, from many countries, with the ambition to become European Capital of Culture ECOC in one of the following years, signed up for the S ECoC program in Wroclaw, Poland on 8, 9 and 10 October 2018.

They will be received by the city of Wroclaw and its mayor, Rafał Dutkiewicz, the organizers of ECOC Wroclaw 2016 and various speakers and workshop animators. In addition to the spokesman for one of the initiators A Soul for Europe, Volker Hassemer, Ulrich Fuchs (ECoC Linz 2009 and ECoC Marseille 2013), Nele Hertling (ECoC Berlin 1988), Caroline Kadziola (ECoC Mons 2015), Hugo De Greef (ECoC Brussels 2000 and ECoC Bruges 2002) will be present, Trevor Davies (ECoC Copenhagen 1996) and Kristof Maj and his team (ECoC Wroclaw 2016).

Doris Pack, former chairman of the EU Committee on Culture and Education, will also be a special guest and speaker.

The participants will discuss the different aspects during the three days to apply for the ECoC title. Topics as the city & the cultural strategy, the development of an artistic urban programme, organisational issues, the relation to citizens and tourists, the international profile, enhancing the image of cities in the eyes of their own inhabitants, budget & legacy issues, …. and the requirements for the bid book formulated by the European Commission will be analysed and explained, with examples of successful as well as non-successful bids.