AKKA, Sami showroom in the European Capital of Culture.


SSR- Swedish Sami Association is a political independent membership organization. During 2013 SSR wishes to help Sami businesses, in i.a. the cultural and creative sector, grow and expose themselves to costumers. 
In 2014, there will be many cultural activities in Umeå, being European Capital of Culture; many of them have a Sami theme. The activities will attract many visitors both from Umeå, Sweden and the rest of the world, and will increase interest of the Sami culture. SSR defines Umeå municipality as a "show-room" to be used in various ways to contribute to development in the Sami-owned enterprises in the cultural and creative sector. SSR will establish AKKA - a platform for Cultural and Creative Industries in Sápmi. AKKA will be a network and sales channel which bases its success on market research and meetings conducted in 2013. It is important to SSR that the show room is created so that its model can be used several times and so forth create benefits for all involved partners.

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