Creativity week radi!2017 in Latvia


Latvian capital Riga and other regions hosted 24 entertaining, creative and inspiring events that highlighted local ideas, talents and achievments as well as cultural and creative industry interaction with other sectors.


Founded by Creativity Lab, radi!2017 focused on creating partnerships, design thinking and urban and architectural development, among others things. 

The programme included the “Design thinking workshop in Daugavpils” and the “Design thinking workshop in Lūznava Manor”. The goal of the workshop in Daugavpils was to introduce participants to design thinking methods in order to identify client needs and ensure effective communication that would help successfully implement ideas and projects by attracting an audience. 

The workshop at Lūznava Manor was dedicated to the potential of the manor’s complex; participants learnt about the design approach, offering creative ideas on how to fill the degraded manor buildings with live content and attract guests.

At the beginning of radi!2017 week, representatives of various industries were encouraged to consider the question “is Latvia user friendly?”, which made everyone reflect on the country’s current achievements and aspects to be improved in the future in order to make the surrounding environment more comprehensible and friendly. The ideas conceived are currently being implemented and will be developed further when planning the event calendar for radi!2018, as the event will be set against the backdrop of Latvia’s Centenary.

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