Estonia-Finland-Russia Music Industry Platform Partnership


The main goal of the Estonia-Finland-Russia Music Industry Platform Partnership, is to maximize the region’s (Finland, Estonia, Russia and also Latvia and Lithuania) artists’ business opportunities and to increase their audience / client base in Finland, Estonia and Russia. The aim of the project is to facilitate their travel to the relevant industry events in these markets, creating more promotion opportunities and a higher media value for them and strengthen the resources of the existing music industry platforms in the region. Through collaboration between Music & Media Finland, Tallinn Music Week and Stereoleto music festival, in St. Petersburg, a platform will be made to develope useful services for helping talents to have an easier access into other countries in the region. 
This project will focus on providing travel and accommodation support for artists from partner countries to have an opportunity to be showcased at the key music industry events in Estonia – Tallinn Music Week, Finland – Music & Media Finland and Russia – Stereoleto and offering targeted communication and marketing services to artists.

The Music & Media Finland

Tallinn Music Week

Stereoleto festival

Light Music Promotion Company

Suomen Musiikki & Media-Tapahtumat S.M.M.