Filmteractive Network 2014


The Filmteractive Network project focuses on the development of an online creative industries community, thereby strengthening the CCI sector in the NDPC area. Activities aimed at artists, producers and content buyers include an online networking platform and the annual Market and Filmteractive Yearbook event.


The Filmteractive Network combines the world of film with the digital sphere and presents new faces in terms of A/V content: interactive film, web video, crossmedia, branded content. The creative industry is thriving in the international digital scene.

There is both commercial demand and artistic interest in projects using interactivity, multiple platforms (crossmedia and transmedia) and innovative video content. Such a situation creates a need for cooperation between the two sectors of the cultural and creative industries: creators and producers with investors representing big brands, TV stations, press houses and others. The Filmteractive Network Project acts as a platform and an incubator for a collection of projects that may be of interest to possible investors.

The online platform presents artists with opportunities to showcase their innovative audiovisual projects, or they can use it as a commercial platform for selling or buying projects.

In the offline networking event Market eight selected projects are being each year pitched in front of international professionals, content buyers and broadcasters. Project categories include interactive video, crossmedia/transmedia, branded content and digital content.

The network was established in April 2013, and the first edition of the market took place later that year. Both are created around a well-established international event devoted to the new face of film in the digital age, Filmteractive.