Indigee 2 - Indigenous Entrepreneurship


The Indigee 2 project will develop and assist Indigenous youth, in the Northern Dimension area, towards sustainable economic independence through entrepreneurship. It is a continuum of a previous project, Indigee 1, which was a great success. The project will consist of seminars, workshops and counseling available for the participants. The final goal is to assist the participants in achieving concrete results in development of their enterprises within fields such as handicraft, modern design, art, music, tourism, reindeer herding and other sectors.

The aim of the project lies in dissemination of relevant strategic knowledge and creating a frame for implementation of the gained information in practice. The Indigee 2 project will provide a concrete international platform for sharing the obtained experiences and practices, contributing to establishment of business networks and enterprises among indigenous entrepreneurs across the Northern territories.
The project targets at promotion of economic growth of indigenous businesses and highlights entrepreneurship as a strategic way to improve well-being of indigenous communities in the Northern Dimension area.

International Barents Secretariat – IBS

Sámi Association of Norway - NSR (Norway)

Sámi Association of Sweden – SSR

Nenets organisation Yasavey Manzara

Sámi Education Institute in Inari

Finland - SOGSAKK