International Conference “Financing of international creative documentary projects in the Northern Dimension area: cutting edge and trends”


The 2 day conference is taking place in St. Petersburg during The International Film Festival of documentary, short and animated films “Message to Man”, St. Petersburg Film Forum and the Nordic Weeks in St. Petersburg. The aim of the conference is to set the documentary film industry in the Northern Dimension area in focus. The conference will consist of presenting of reports and projects, screening of films, discussions in expert panels, questions and answers etc. This will introduce the audience to the topics of: distribution (video on demands, dvd, cinema, etc.), kick-starters, web-documentaries, broadcasters, funders and cross-platform projects, etc. In the evenings participants will be able to visit the Festival’s and the Forum’s screenings. Simultaneous webinar will allow to transmit live video, PowerPoint presentations and to get online participants involved via chat and polling.

EDN European Documentary Network


The International Film Festival “Message to Man”

The Saint-Petersburg International Film Forum