Publications by the NDPC


    Cross-country report "Mapping exercise: How could creative industries        
    foster innovation in tourism in the Northern Dimension area?" (2017)

    View report here


NDPC Annual progress reports:

View report - 2016

View report - 2015
View report - 2014
View report - 2013
View report - 2012

Analytical study report 11 Dimensions

Read the study here

Communicating CCI projects

View manual here

In the Footstep of Rurik - A guide to the Viking History of Northwest Russia (2012)

Read the study here
По следам Рюрика - Путеводитель по истории викингов в Северо-Западной России  (study in Russian).

Viking Route heritage sites in Russia (2011)

Read the study here
Исследование объектов наследия Пути викингов в России  (study in Russian). 

Mapping music industry in North-West Russia (2011)

Read the study here 
Appendix of mapping music industry here

Cultural Industries in Russia (2009)

Read the study here

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