Study on mapping music industry operators in the North West Russia

This study by Dr Greg Goldenzwaig recognises popular music as a cultural phenomenon and looks at the link between professionals in the Russian music industry and professionals and music export agencies from the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Russian popular music developed historically as a typically strong but inward-looking regional industry, focusing on the domestic market and a number of Russian-speaking diasporas. Russian music has a potential audience of up to 300 million Russian speakers all over the world, which makes it internationally noticeable and important.

Through 45 interviews conducted with top experts working with music in the region, Dr Goldenzwaig researched how sustainable cooperation with music export organisations and music industry professionals from Northern Dimension countries might be made possible.

The study’s methodology was based on a comparative analysis of empirical data, with a focus on case studies The findings are framed within existing research and recent statistics.

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Timeframe: June-October 2011