Study on the Viking Route Heritage sites in north-west Russia

This study by Dan Carlsson and Adrian Selin focuses on information from Viking sites visited in Russia in 2011. The report provides a short introduction to the Viking world and a brief description of Vikings in Russia as background for further discussions and suggestions.

The study includes a general history of Vikings in Russia, which provides a foundation for the fieldwork that took place in north-west Russia. The authors visited eight former Viking sites in Beloozero, Gnezdovo, Gorodische, Izborsk, Jaroslavl, Kurkijoki, Rostov and Staraya Ladoga. The study describes the historical importance of these sites in the Viking age and also provides information about their visibility, tourism at the site, the administrative body in charge and eventual plans for future development.

The report contains original photographs taken by the authors.

This project was funded by the European Union.

Presentation of the study in English
Study in English  
Study in Russian

Timeframe: April-October 2011