About us

The Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (NDPC)

The NDPC was established in 2010 as the fourth Partnership in the Northern Dimension Policy, a common policy for EU, Iceland, Norway and Russia.

Why Partnership on Culture?

Northern Europe has an interesting cultural heritage and history, cultural and linguistic diversity, a versatile cultural and artistic production, profound experiences in cultural cooperation and exchange, and lot of professional networks in all sectors of society. Cultural production and culture-based services and innovations should be used to promote Northern Europe and its culture for the people in the region and for wider international consumers and thus contribute to social development and economic growth.

To promote the objectives the NDPC will

Function as a complement to already existing national and international organization institutions working with cultural cooperation and exchange

 Advocate for the potential of the cultural and creative industries to make a change

Provide a platform to facilitate dialogue and exchange of best practices

Follow the policy development for cultural and creative industries and cultural based innovation in the Member countries and regional councils

Highlight the cross- sector character of cultural and creative industries and organize meetings, seminars and workshops to connect various stakeholders as cultural and creative entrepreneurs, funding and financing institutions and agencies, civil servants with responsibility to develop policies for cultural and creative industries, media etc.

Commission studies and research on relevant topics or/and sectors in the ND area

Inform about cultural and creative industries development and networks in the ND area by the internet site

The NDPC countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture. The document can be found here. 

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