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To meet the aims of the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture the Action Plan has been developed, covering measures to support the role of the Partnership as a focal point, a limited number of priority projects focusing on activities promoting cooperation between the cultural and creative industries and other sectors of businesses and entrepreneurs.

The NDPC is not a project implementing organization. The NDPC aims at facilitating access to funding and financing. The NDPC can recommend projects for funding and financing institutions, but the project owners are the ones to decide how they will develop and carry out their projects.

In order to enhance the possibilities for project financing the NDPC will arrange several seminars with funding and financing institutions to make them aware of the possibilities for the cultural and creative industries, that can be offered by financing institutions.

The Culture and Creative Industries Projects (CCIP) are co-funded by the NDPC and the European Union within the EU- funded Project
“Northern Dimension cooperation for cultural and creative industries’ development” (Project reference: 2012/284-487) 

The overall objective of the Project is: 

  • To support the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (NDPC) by promoting activities in the Northern Dimension area with the focus to the North-West Russia

The Specific objectives of the Project are:

  • To give financial support to the NDPC Secretariat for coordination of work of the NDPC countries.
  • To improve the communication activities of the NDPC; enhance its communication with its target groups for the benefit of cultural and creative industries operators in the Northern Dimension area, in particular North-West Russia.
  • To develop and implement a limited number of NDPC flagship projects with the involvement of Russian partners, in particular North-West Russia.

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