Northern Dimension

The Northern Dimension

The Northern Dimension (ND) is a common policy shared by four equal partners: the European Union, Norway, Iceland and the Russian Federation. The policy covers the geographic area from the European Arctic and Sub-Arctic to the southern shores of the Baltic Sea, countries in the vicinity and from north-west Russia in the east, to Iceland and Greenland in the west.

The policy’s main objectives are to provide a common framework for the promotion of dialogue and concrete cooperation, to strengthen stability and well-being, intensify economic cooperation, and promote economic integration, competitiveness and sustainable development in Northern Europe. Read more about the Northern Dimension here.

To facilitate project implementation within the framework of the ND policy, following partnerships were created: 
Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership (NDEP) 
Northern Dimension Partnership in public health and social wellbeing (NDPHS) 
Northern Dimension Partnership on transport and logistics (NDPTL).

and the following organizations: 
The Northern Dimension Institute (NDI) 
The Northern Dimension Business Council (NDBC)

Read more about the Northern Dimension at Coherent Northern Dimension

The official ND site / EU

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