Cross-sectoral cooperation and innovation within Creative and Cultural Industries


Project title: "Cross-sectoral cooperation and innovation within Creative and Cultural Industries - practices, opportunities and policies within the area of the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture"

It is foreseen that fostering CCI ‘cross innovation’ will be an important element of the new Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture Strategy 2021-2024. Therefore the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (NDPC) is launching a project, the core of which includes mapping to identify the degree of cross-sectoral cooperation and innovation currently taking place between the cultural and creative industries (CCIs) and other social and economic sectors in the Northern Dimension countries (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russian Federation and Sweden).

In the context of this project ‘cross innovation’ refers to a process by which CCIs share information, collaborate and work with other growth sectors to promote new thinking as well as innovative products, services and activities. The focus will be on ‘cross innovation’ between the CCI sector and the digital, economic, environmental, social and education sectors.

To enrich the ‘cross-innovation’ mapping component, the project will include a process of researching inspiring country case studies and the holding of three thematic workshops (in Norway, Poland and the Russian Federation). Finally policy and related research will seek to identify future CCI inter-sectoral ‘cross innovation’ potential and international opportunities related to the Northern Dimension countries.

During the project, CCI cross-sectoral innovation project actors are invited to submit information on their projects implemented in the ND area. The project team is interested in initiatives with proven impact, as well as in such projects and activities that have failed or faced problems. The information can be submitted by filling out this short form in English or Russian, whether by project owners themselves or any other person who is aware of cross-sectoral initiatives happening in the ND area. All contributions will be used as part of creating a bigger picture of CCI cross-sectoral innovation projects in the Northern Dimension countries. Some will be included as examples in a published report. 

This is a European Commission project, funded by EU, with the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (NDPC) as the beneficiary. It will run from March 2020 to January 2021.



Project deliverables

Policy brief #2 "Hearing and Dancing? How can the Cultural and Creative Industries Engage with 'Traditional Industries' to Mutual Benefit?" (15.10.2020) – in English and Russian.

Policy brief #1 "CCI Connectivity and Cross-sectoral Innovation - Creating the Relationships" (18.08.2020) – in English and Russian.



Cross-innovation case studies

We are showcasing cross-innovation actors and case studies’ from all around the Northern Dimension region.










PROTO Invention Factory


EcoDesign Circle
(Germany, Sweden, Russia, Finland, Estonia, Poland)



Science and art centre “Brewery” 


Cross-Innovation Hub




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Head of NDPC Secretariat:

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